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Does Jiji.ng have the perfect business model that favors both buyers and sellers?

In every business deal, there always seems to be a winner and a loser. One party tends to benefit more from the business relationship than the other. Very rarely do you find a symbiotic business relationship where both parties enjoy a win-win situation. On Jiji.ng however, there exists a near perfect ecosystem where buyers and sellers conduct business in extremely favorable terms for the two parties involved.

Jiji is Nigeria’s No. 1 online marketplace which provides a platform where sellers can advertise their products to buyers online and then agree to meet offline to complete the transaction. With millions of visits monthly and more than 700,000 thousand products listed on the website, Jiji.ng is crucially instrumental in the everyday exchange of goods and services in Nigeria. Perhaps what has made Jiji.ng and the Jiji App so popular in such a short space of time is the fact that users have discovered that they can always expect nothing but the best when they use it.

To better unravel how Jiji.ng has the perfect business model for both buyers and sellers, let us single out each component and highlight how it benefits both the seller and buyer!

No Commissions
Jiji collects no commissions from sellers for items sold on the platform. As such sellers are able to record larger profits from items they sell on Jiji. On the other hand, buyers are then able to enjoy the lowest prices on Jiji as since sellers pay no commissions, they are able to provide their goods and services for the barest minimum.

Instant transactions
Since business transactions are made directly between buyers and sellers, sellers are able to instantly receive their cash. This helps sellers quickly turnover their goods into cash and reinvest the cash into getting more goods. On the other hand, buyers enjoy instant gratification as once they find a product they want online, they can quickly contact the buyer and agree to meet up almost immediately to receive.

Wide assortment
Jiji.ng has a very wide assortment and as such sellers enjoy a concept known as economics of agglomeration. This relates to the many benefits a business can expect to enjoy when they converge together. These benefits are enormous and range from sellers getting a lot of visibility to the sellers constantly being in the know of the latest trends within their sphere of business. Buyers on their part are privileged with more options to pick and choose from and can as such make better decisions.

Buyer-Seller interaction
Business in Nigeria is very social and so the Jiji app is a favorite among buyers and sellers as they are able to interact with each other and interface to conclude their business transactions. This helps sellers build stronger connections with their clientele which is a major factor for building a long lasting and cordial business relationship. Buyers also get the chance to build a strong rapport with the seller and then also bargain for even lower prices.

It is evidently clear that Jiji.ng does have the perfect business model that favors both the buyers and the sellers. Be sure to visit Jiji.ng to know more about how you too can benefit from the many advantages of doing business on Jiji. Do not forget to download the Jiji app and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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